Friday, February 12, 2010

Long Lift And Carry Women:how Long Can You Physically Lift/carry A Guy? When And Why Did You Do It?

Women:how long can you physically lift/carry a guy? when and why did you do it? - long lift and carry

It depends on the size of a type, of course! I am a small woman, but I ask a man who looked like 200 pounds and it took about one quarter mile into the store and the store to buy a pack of beer. It was a gamble. ;) A little man who could probably take a mile or more. ;)


luvmykid... said...

I took my husband threw it over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and left the meeting room and carried him over 20 meters. Why do this? I have tried in the EMS and the government to lift a cap on the amount of weight when it is necessary to pass the test TMS. Now say, not some of these ladies that it was wrong to do so because women are not as strong as the men: "I speak for itself and begins to collect and race! APX 185 lbs.

♡MaNda♡ said...

I had my big brother when I was younger, for 1 minute, now I can lift my partner for 2 minutes increase, weighs 75 kg. I weigh 60kg. I wanted to try to lift it, because I was able to sweep the floor.

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