Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free Downloadable Mapouka Adult Clips What FREE Downloadable Software Can I Use To Rip Audio Off A Youtube Video?

What FREE downloadable software can I use to rip audio off a youtube video? - free downloadable mapouka adult clips

Audacity does not work, and I need some audio clips from YouTube videos to a project that I work. It would be nice if the software is easy to use too:)
First Response works with links to free downloadable software will get 10 points

Oh, and before that nothing was said on copyright: I want the people whose videos have to contact to ask permission to use the audio to.


Shwaa said...

You can do it without software. Just go to the website makes work for you, all you have to do is enter the URL of the video.

Blaze_x0 said...

Ok dude, I actually do a lot of projects that use this program, with what is actually the video or mp3 (only tracks with superior audio performance in projects) or get the entire video, which is very s Complete:)

The program is called Vixy.

I hope you get an A + to this use

-edit-Here 's to use a few more details on this program to obtain the exact URL of the video and it on the Vixy is easier and faster than I saw

amare j said...

You can view this guide to download and extract a Youtube video to MP3 step by step ...
I hope that it will be useful,
If you have questions, you can use Yahoo to search for more answers to or write to include contact me

Jdmase said...

Ive tried and has not had much luck with it. It was a little slow. I downloaded DVDVideoSoft Free Studio. He has is a lot of programs. You can use the case as a whole. But there are different sub-applications that can be installed (such as add-ons), I have the YouTube video ripper and audio extractor. The really very good and fast enough.

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